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29.10.2013 18:25

What should you look for in a recruitment agency?

Looking for work is a chore, and if you are out of work spending hours fruitlessly calling around for jobs or searching online can seem like a waste of time. Many people use recruitment agencies to help them find work, but some people have mixed experiences. On one hand recruitment agencies can go through jobs that are suitable and find your the perfect career. On the other hand some recruitment agencies can try and bombard you with unsuitable jobs, or if you do not fit their niche ignore you completely.


If you want to find a recruitment agencies that fit the bill, it is worth doing a little research. If you have any friends or family who have found a particular agency helpful it is worth investigating them. There is always the chance that your friend or family member was lucky and caught the agency in a good spell, so its worth speaking to the agency and seeing what they have on offer. If you find that they are helpful and are interested in helping you find work, then the chances are that they will put effort into finding you work. If they merely take your details and ask you to send in your resume, then you will have a good idea of their attitude.


Recruitment agencies make money from the employer when they connect you to the job. This can mean that they try and sign you up for work that you are not suited for, or do not particularly want. If you find that you are being put forward for interview for jobs that don't meet your specifications then let your recruitment consultant know. If they continue to put you in for work that you are not interested in, then it might be time to look elsewhere.


The best agencies typical are the specialists. Take a look on their websites to see what jobs they have on offer. The type of jobs that they have, and the locations that they are in can tell you a lot about which areas their consultants concentrate on. Some employers tend to use the same agency for all their jobs because they have built up a solid connection. If you are looking for work with that employer, its worth joining up with that agency because it is more likely that you will find work with that company. You can even try contacting the employer to see which recruitment consultant they normally use so you can leave your CV with them.


A specialist recruitment agency can have a lot of knowledge about that particular field and give you advice on how to tailor your resume, or what kind of questions you may be asked at interview. It doesn't hurt to use a recruitment agency, and you can always let them know when you no longer need their services. http://www.recruitmentagency.net/location.php

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